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Musings, on motion

in motion

28 January 1973
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Wildcards? Any vowel seemed to fit.

A mini biography seems a little daunting.
do? I work on nextgen air traffic control problems for NASA. Previously I've built GPS systems, developed toys for spies, been a migrant farm worker, adventure camp counsellor, bartender, ski instructor, lab rat, researcher, taught freshmen, and for a brief time I designed satellite communication systems. I'm not sure what the next big thing will be. move? I can drive a car, ride a motorcycle, fly a plane, hang a glider, sail a boat... I like to move, and sometimes I like to move pretty fast. communicate? To various degrees I've spoken French, German, Spanish, Japanese and Italian. Nowadays I have trouble with English. drink? Margaritas, Dark 'N' Stormys and Blackened Voodoo Lager. been? I've lived in Japan, Greece, Hawaii, France, England, Germany, New England, the Midwest, the Mid Atlantic, and now Silly(con) Valley in California. I like where I live right now- but it's probably not the place I'll stay. I'd have to learn how to stay first.

I'm a drifter, grifter, poet, pirate, and no account bum. She was smiling when she said that.